Tuesday, December 22, 2009


New Delhi, December 4: Following is the memorandum given to PM by the leaders of Left parties -- Sitaram Yechury, Basudeb Acharia, Shyamal Chakraborty, Prabodh Panda, Manohar Tirki, Barun Mukherjee.December 4th 2009

Dr. Manmohan Singh
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
New Delhi
Sub: Irresponsible and dangerous moves of the Railways Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

1. You have called the ‘Maoists’ the greatest internal threat to the security of the country, and yet, the Railway minister has kept providing these elements with her full-fledged support in the media and through her declarations and acts. She has also repeatedly called for the release of Chhatradhar Mahato, named accused in murder cases. The Railway minister is constantly demanding the withdrawal of Joint Forces from West Bengal, which will only facilitate the activities of the Maoists. Within hours of a landmine blast in West Midnapore on 27.11.2009, which killed two policemen, the Railway Minister denigrated the Joint Forces.

2. The said minister has claimed before the media inte ralia that the violence being committed on and against the leaders and workers of the CPI (M) is not the handiwork of the CPI (Maoist) but a result of internecine feud. She has called for the arrest of the Bengal Chief Minister and in the same breath the release of Chhatradhar Mahato while repeatedly calling also for application of ART 355 and 356 in Bengal. The ‘Maoists’ receive a moral boost from her declarations and deeds. And almost simultaneously the Maoist Leader Kishanji reciprocated by airing his loud suggestions that the present Railway Minister should be the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

3. The annexed copies of the media reports would make it clear, the AITC and the CPI (Maoist), have long been engaged in destabilizing the political situation of the state by means of assassination, mayhem, arson, committing crimes on women and generally seeking to create a situation where the democratic fabric of the state in put under great duress. The Maoist along with AITC activists are forcing people at gunpoint to join their rally and barricades.4. Annexure I A, B, and C provide a detailed list of the leaders and workers of the CPI (M) and Left Front assassinated by the Maoist and the people’s War Group (PWG) from 2001. The number of those killed from June 2006 itself is 326. The ‘Maoists’ and the AITC have also killed, scores of common men, women, children, as well as police and medical personnel.

5. The AITC leadership is a close patron of the leadership of the People’s Committee against Police Atrocities (PCAPA), and its supremo Chhatradhar Mahato. Annexure II A, B, and C provide examples of this state-of-affairs from media reports.

6. Annexure III in the form of a CD contains photos that show the Railway Minister, Chhatradhar Mahato, and a section of the intelligentsia in confabulation in the area of Lalgarh, which has been a ‘Maoist’ stronghold. The PCAPA is nothing but a mass front of the CPI (Maoist) as reports in the media have repeatedly noted.

7. We draw your attention to the recent declaration of the ‘Maoist’ leader ‘Kishanji’ that since they have provided support to the AITC at Nandigram against the CPI (M), the AITC should come forward and help them at Lalgarh and adjacent areas.

8. The most recent incident of the blockade of the Rajdhani Express exposes the AITC game plan further. Even as the blockade was going on and graffiti being painted on the sides of the bogies calling for the release of Chhatradhar Mahato who is presently in police custody, the railways minister blamed the ‘Marxists’, meaning the CPI (M) that has held the train up. To add insult to injury, a full 24 hours earlier to the blockade, an AITC central minister Shri Sisir Adhikari had claimed before the media that he ‘knew that the blockade would take place.’ The source of ‘knowledge’ of this minister may kindly be probed and the nation kept informed.

9. At a time when the ‘Maoists’ have laid claim to the murder of an AITC worker Nishikanta Mondal at Nandigram on 22 September 2009, the Railway Minister keeps harping on the untruth that he was ‘killed by the CPI (M).’ On 29.11.2009, she has also said that she was privy to clues of the murder.
10. We enclose as Annexure II A and B the English translation of what has appeared in the Bengali print media on the nexus between the AITC-PCAPA-‘Maoists’ and as Annexure IV we enclose the original reports in Bengali that has appeared in the Bengali print media.

11. We urge upon you to take appropriate implicational notice of the developments.
Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Sitaram Yetchury
Basudeb Acharia
Shyamal Chakraborty
Prabodh Panda
Manohar Tirki
Barun Mukherjee

Thursday, December 17, 2009


From: Noam Chomsky <chomsky@mit.edu>

Date: Dec 14, 2009 6:05 AM


To: Gouranga Chatterjee <chatterjeegouranga@gmail.com>

Thanks for your letter. What you say somewhat differs from the information that was conveyed by the Indian analysts who initiated and signed the petition. You should really contact them.




Mr. Noam Chomsky
Professor of Emeritus of Linguistics

Most Respected Sir,

I am a regular reader of “Analytical Monthly Review”. A letter dated 12th October 2009 written to the Prime Minister of India in connection with offensive against the Maoists has been published in esteemed journal of October 2009 (Vol. 7, No. 7). It contains signatures of many eminent personalities of the country and abroad including that of you. I have gone through the same very thoroughly and carefully line by line and submit hereunder my observations.

Most humbly I want to contradict the misrepresentation and misinformation made while depicting the picture of West Bengal.

(1) The agitations in Singur and Nandigram were never peaceful or democratic as stated. They were purely politically motivated and violent in all respect carried out jointly by finance capital, imperialists, anti-Communist, anti-Leftist and all fundamentalist forces in union with ‘pseudo’ intellectuals to destabilize the Left Front Government in West Bengal.

The land at Singur was not acquired for SEZ as alleged. It was acquired for an automobile factory.

Out of 997.11 acres of land acquired, the landowners of 745.11 acres of land have consented by accepting compensation to part with their land for the factory. Out of the 252 acres of land, the landowners of 125 acres of land refused to accept compensation. The landowners of the remaining 127 acres of land could not be compensated due to litigation amongst their family members though they were ready to accept the compensation. It means 87.46% of landowners have consented for the factory. Landowners of only 12.54% acres of land have refused to consent.

The total number of landowners of 997.11 acres of land is 13,491. Out of this, 11,162 landowners of 745.11 acres of land had offered the land by accepting the compensation. Their percentage is 86.66%.

540 landowners could not accept compensation due to litigation involving their 127acres of land. They had consented to offer their land for the factory. Their percentage is only 4.

The actual unwilling landowners are 1,800 who own 125 acres of land. Their percentage is only 13.34.

In short, out of 997.11 acres of land, owners of only 125 acres of land refused to part with their land. It means owners of 87.46% land have consented for the factory. Owners of only 12.54% acres of land have refused to consent. Moreover, out of 13,491 landowners, only 1,800 landowners are unwilling. It means 86.66% of landowners are willing whereas only 13.34% of the owners are unwilling.

It means more than 80% of the landowners were ready for the factory. But the resistance of only 13% prevailed over 80%. The Kolkata High Court has already declared the land acquisition at Singur legal in all respect.

The facts and circumstances compel the undersigned to come to the conclusion that the term ‘Democracy’ should be redefined afresh.

(2) If anyone goes through the developments before 14th March 2007, he will find that the Chief Minister had stated categorically that there would be no forced land acquisition in Nandigram. On 9th February the CM pointedly told in a public meeting in Khejuri that without the consent of the people of Nandigram nothing would be done. Later, on a number of occasions during the last one-month, the CM had repeatedly stated in very clear terms that the proposed Chemical Hub would be shifted if the people of Nandigram did not accept the proposal. Even after that, there was no respite from the atrocities perpetrated by the Bhumi Rakkha Committee, making it amply clear that the question was not at all that of “land acquisition” but a political strategy to maintain a forced acquisition of Nandigram by a combination of political forces.

The district administration, meanwhile called a series of all Party meetings and peace meetings, mostly boycotted by TMC, Congress and Bhumi Rakkha Committee. The last such meeting was organized on 10th March where representatives from Left Front partners and BJP were present. TMC, Congress and Bhumi Rakkha Committee declined the invitation. It was decided in the meeting that the administration would move to restore reconstruction work and normalcy in the area and anyone resisting the constitutional duties would be legally dealt with.

On 14th March, the police entered the area after prior announcements through loudspeaker. When they reached Sonachura, they were attacked with bombs and guns. In the ensuing confrontation 13 people were killed. One more person was killed due to bomb injury.

In spite of this categorical declaration, the people of Nandigram were misinformed and misled by Mamata Banerjee and her rainbow alliance of TMC-Maoists-Congress-SUCI-BJP-Muslims Fundamentalists-pseudo intellectuals incited the villagers by resorting to unprecedented distortion of facts, lies, twisting of facts, false propaganda, provocations, misrepresentations and slanders for gaining political mileage. It had nothing to do with the interests of the peasantry.

The rainbow alliance evicted thousands of supporters of the CPI (M) and other mainstream Leftist parties from their ancestral homes along with their family members. This was done to capture Nandigram and other areas for electoral gains only. Many of the CPI (M) supporters were murdered brutally. The Maoist-TMC goons raped even a school going girl Sunita Mondal.

The state government tried repeatedly to ensure the safe return of the evictees to their ancestral homes. It convened all party meetings again and again. But Mamata Banerjee and others refused to attend the same for an amicable settlement. Ultimately, the start government tried to ensure the return of the evictees with police help. It was in now way an attempt to capture the lands for SEZ as alleged.

If the intellectuals had adopted a stand neutrally, impartially and judiciously without prejudice, the unfortunate incident of 14th March 2007 could have been avoided easily. But they were so much obsessed with anti-Communism and anti-Leftism that they used even the slightest rumour or incident or pretext to malign and destabilize the Left Front Government. They, therefore, needed some dead bodies for their ulterior motive.

The result was the unfortunate incident of 14th March 2007, which cost 14 valuable lives. It could have been avoided easily if the opposition and the anti-Communist intellectuals had settled the matter with the government across the table.

After this incident, a hate and malicious campaign was launched to the effect that hundreds of workmen and children were raped and murdered by CPI (M) supporters. But the ‘pseudo’ intellectuals and the opposition could not prove even a single case of rape or murder.

Still now, thousands of CPI (M) supporters and their families remain evicted from Nandigram and Khejuri. The hoisting of red flag has been banned in Nandigram, Khejuri and other adjacent areas. If this is not anti-Communism and anti-Leftism, I do not know what else is.

(3) The developments taking place in Junglemahal areas falling under West Midnapur, Purulia and Bankura district of West Bengal have not started all on a sudden.

Shibaram Satpathi of Sarenga in Bankura was the first CPI (M) supporter who was murdered brutally by the Maoists on 10-04-01. Thereafter, Maoist-TMC goons have murdered one after another CPI (M) leader, cadre and supporter. The Maoist-TMC goons had murdered another 47 CPI (M) leaders and supporters till 01-11-2008 as detailed below.

1 Sudhir Singh Sardar, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 28-11-01
2 Anil Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 04-02-02
3 Rampada Majhi, Ranibandh, Bankura, 11-02-02
4 Puntibala Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 31-05-02
5 Icchhamati Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 31-05-02
6 Priyanka Mahato (4yrs), Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 31-05-02
7 Ajit Ghosh, Goaltore, Medinipur (W), 09-07-02
8 Golap Mallik, Garbeta, Medinipur (W), 24-04-03
9 Baridbaran Mondal, Banspahari, Medinipur (W) 21-10-03
10 Asit Santra, Goaltore, Medinipur (W), 02-03-04
11 Mahendra Mahato, Bandowan, Purulia, 09-07-05
12 Raghunath Murumu, Barikul, Bankura, 09-07-05
13 Bablu Mudi, Barikul, Bankura, 09-07-05
14 Rabindranath Kar, Bandowan, Bankura, 30-12-05
15 Anandamayi Kar, Bandowan, Bankura, 30-12-05
16 Kartik Singh, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 04-03-06
17 Gatilal Tudu, Barikul, Bankura, 04-03-06
18 Gumai Murmu, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 08-03-06
19 Jaladhar Mahato, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 08-03-06
20 Rabi Das, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 14-06-06
21 Snehashis Das, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 26-05-06
22 Uttam Sardar, Chandpur, Nadia, 19-06-06
23 Anil Mahato, Shilda, Medinipur (W), 19-09-06
24 Dinesh Baske, Shilda, Medinipur (W), 19-09-09
25 Pailaram Tudu, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 09-01-07
26 Rampada Singh, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 30-03-07
27 Parikshit Singh, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 30-03-07
28 Manik Mahato, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 27-05-07
29 Rohit Roy, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 10-07-07
30 Bhagirath Karmakar, Barabazar, Purulia, 01-11-07
31 Sufal Mandi, Purulia, Purulia, 20-11-07
32 Govind Singh, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 06-12-07
33 Pahalan Kumar, Balarampur, Purulia, 01-01-08
34 Mangal Mahato, Banspahari, Medinipur (W), 15-02-08
35 Karam Chand Singh, Belpahari, 22-02-08
36 Subhash Mahato, Belpahari, Medinipur (W), 29-02-08
37 Budhadeb Pathak, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 09-03-08
38 Mukul Tiwari, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 13-04-08
39 Jugol Murmu, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 13-04-08
40 Nabakumar Murmu, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 13-04-08
41 Kshetrapal Majhi, Arsha, Purulia, 19-04-08
42 Ganapati Bhadra, Bandowan, Purulia, 04-05-08
43 Debraj Hembram, Balarampur, Purulia, 05-05-08
44 Biswanath Mandi, Goaltore, Medinipur (W), 15-06-08
45 Amar Ghugu, Patrasayar, Bankura, 04-10-08
46 Satyajit Mondal, Karanjora, Bankura, 22-10-08
47 Indrajit Muda, Banspahari, Midnapur (W), 31-10-08

The Maoists were able to create a reign of terror in the entire Junglemahal area through murder, loot and arson with the help of Mamata Banerjee and her rainbow alliance.

Then came 02-11-2008. On this date the Maoists tried to assassinate the Chief Minister of West Bengal while he was returning after laying the foundation stone of a steel plant at Shalboni. He narrowly escaped. It very naturally invited administrative action. The result was the formation of the “People’s Committee against Police Atrocities” by the Maoists. Till parliamentary elections on 30-04-2009, the following CPI (M) supporters were killed by the Maoists.

1 Panu Bouri, Patrasayar, Bankura, 14-11-08
2 Shamsur Alam Mallick, Indas, Bankura, 16-01-09
3 Nandalal Pal, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 01-02-09
4 Haradhan Majhi, Balarampur, Purulia, 03-02-09
5 Biswanath Digar, Ranibandh, Bankura, 08-02-09
6 Sujit Ponda, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-02-09
7 Durga Deshwal, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 18-03-09
8 Santosh Mahato, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 18-03-09
9 Kanai Kumar, Arsha, Purulia, 28-03-09
10 Ashim Mondal, Bahulabheda, Midnapur (W), 10-04-09
11 Hambir Mandi, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 21-04-09
12 Shakti Sen, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 21-04-09
13 Gopinath Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 22-04-09
14 Baikunth Mahato, Supurdihgram, Purulia, 23-04-09
15 Bibhuti Singh Sardar, SD Gram, Purulia , 23-04-09

After the Parliamentary Elections the Maoists with the help of Mamata Banerjee have been trying to throw the whole of the state into utter lawlessness and anarchy. They have so far murdered 129 CPI (M) supporters in Junglemahal only.

1 Manu Singh, Bandowan, Purulia, 15-05-09
2 Dinesh Mahato, Balarmpur, Purulia, 23-05-09
3 Bhondulal Munda, Jhalda, Purulia,, 25-05-09
4 Mamoni Kishku, Binpur, Midnapur (W), 06-06-09
5 Salku Soren, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 11-06-09
6 Shankar Tudu, Belpahari, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
7 Asit Samanta, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
8 Naru Samanta, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
9 Prabir Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-06-09
10 Keshab Manna, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
11 Dhiraj Manna, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
12 Sanjay Mahato, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
13 Debabrata Soren, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
14 Mohan Singh, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-06-09
15 Sunil Das, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 16-06-09
16 Tapan Das, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 16-06-09
17 Sanjay Pratihar, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 16-06-09
18 Niladri Mahato, Lodashuli, Midnapur (W), 17-06-09
19 Anil Mahato, Lodashuli, Midnapur (W), 17-06-09
20 Abhijit Mahato, Lodashuli, Midnapur (W), 17-06-09
21 Badal Chandra Ahir, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
22 Sisir Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
23 Dubraj Soren, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
24 Dasarath Soren, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
25 Chaitnya Soren, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-06-09
26 Keshav Das, Nandigram, Midnapur (W), 19-06-09
27 Budheswar Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 21-06-09
28 Pranesh Ghosh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 21-06-09
29 Naba Kumar Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 26-06-09
30 Kishore Tiwari, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 26-06-09
31 Jugol Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 26-06-09
32 Moloy Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 05-07-09
33 Motilal Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 05-07-09
34 Barendranath Mahato, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W 10-07-09
35 Gurucharan Mahato, Lalgarh, West Dinajpur, 11-07-09
36 Swapan Deb Singh, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-07-09
37 Tarani Singh, Shalboni, Midnapur (W), 14-07-09
38 Gangadhar Mahato, Barabazar, Purulia, 15-07-09
39 Jaladhar Mahato, Jhargam, Purulia, 18-07-09
40 Ashok Ghosh, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 18-07-09
41 Fagu Baske, Belpahari, Midnapur (W), 22-07-09
42 Sagar Masant, Goaltore, Midnapur (W), 30-07-09
43 Ashok Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
44 Brahmodeo Singh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
45 Motilal Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
46 Moloy Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 31-07-09
47 Nirmal Mahato, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 02-08-09
48 Gurucharan Tudu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 03-08-09
49 Shankar D. Adhikari, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 05-08-09
50 Gunadhar Singh, Bhulabheda, Midnapur (W), 05-08-09
51 Shaktipada Murmu, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-08-09
52 Ashim Soren, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-08-09
53 Budhu Hansda, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-08-09
54 Ramkrishna Duley, Sarenga, Bankura, 15-08-09
55 Mangal Soren, Binpur, Midnapur (W), 29-08-09
56 Laxmikanta Kumar, Sindurpur, Purulia, 29-08-09
57 Bharat Hembram, Balarampur, Purulia, 30-08-09
58 Sukhdeo Mahato, Bhramarmara, Midnapur (W), 31-08-09
59 Debi Prasad Hansda, Balarampur, Purulia, 31-08-09
60 Apu Singh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
61 Rajib Singh, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
62 Satish Singh Sardar, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
63 Sasanka Sekhar Roy, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 06-09-09
64 Shyam Chalak, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 07-09-09
65 Ramdas Murmu, Sarenga, Bankura, 08-09-09
66 Baneswar Murmu, Sarenga, Bankura, 08-09-09
67 Krishna Kundu, Sarenga, Bankura, 10-09-09
68 Seikh Nazrul, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-09-09
69 Kartick Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-09-09
70 Sambhu Mahato, Lalgarh, Midnapur (W), 13-09-09
71 Ajoy Patra, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 16-09-09
72 Manik Mandi, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 20-09-09
73 Budheswar Mandi, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 20-09-09
74 Bagan Mandi, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 20-09-09
75 Nimai Bisui, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 24-09-09
76 Samir Singha Mahapatra, Medinipur (W), 24-09-09
77 Radhanath Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 30-09-09
78 Anadi Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 30-09-09
79 Bhakti Mahato, Shalboni, Medinipur (W), 30-09-09
80 Barun Pratihar, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 01-10-09
81 Amalendu Patra, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 02-10-09
82 Panchanan Tudu, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 02-10-09
83 Sasadhar Mahato, Lalgarh, Medinipur (W), 08-10-09
84 Kanai Murmu, Binpur, Midnapur (W), 13-10-09
85 Mantu Mudi, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 18-10-09
86 Ratan Mudi, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 18-10-09
87 Shital Hembram, Binpur, Midnapur (W), 19-10-09
88 Pratap Nayek, Binpur, W. Medinipur, 26-10-09
89 Tapan Mudi, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 29-10-09
90 Dilip Mahato, Belpahari, W Midnapur, 29-10-09
91 Madhab Mudi, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 31-10-09
92 Anil Mahato, Binpur, W. Midnapur, 01-11-09
93 Joyram Hansda, Binpur, W. Midnapur, 07-11-09
94 Manoranjan Mahali, Binpur, W. Midnapur, 07-11-09
95 Lakshmi Das, Binpur, W. Midnapur, 07-11-09
96 Naba Kumar Singh, Binpur, W. Midnapur, 08-11-09
97 Naresh Thapa, Jamboni, W. Midnapur, 08-11-09
98 Binod Tamang, Jamboni, W. Midnapur, 08-11-09
99 Bhaktabahadur Limbu, Jamboni, W. Midnapur, 8-11-09
100 Dhanbahadur Viswakarma, Jamboni, W. Midnapur, 8-11-09
101 Sashticharan Dutta, Belpahari, W. Midnapore, 15-11-2009
102 Ajit Mahato, Jhargram, W. Midnapore, 16-11-2009
103 Khudiram Mudi, W. Midnapore, 16-11-2009
104 Totan Das, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 18-11-2009
105 Samiran Das, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 18-11-2009
106 Jaganath Mahato, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 19-11-2009
107 Tapan Mahato, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 23-11-2009
108 Ashok Kotal, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 23-11-2009
109 Madan Ghosh, Binpur, W. Midnapore, 24-11-2009
110 Subimal Mali, Arsha, Purulia, 26-11-2009
111 Srikanta Banerjee, Binpur, W. Midnapore, 27-11-2009
112 Alok Mondal, Binpur, W. Midnapore, 27-11-2009
113 Karuna Mahato, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 27-11-2009
114 Braja Bikash Mahato, Binpur, W. Midnapore, 27-11-2009
115 Bomkesh Giri, Binpur, W. Midnapore, 27-11-2009
116 Dhanapati Murmu, Shalboni, W. Midnapore, 28-11-2009
117 Nimai Singh, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 03-12-09
118 Koni Singh, Belpahari, W. Midnapur, 03-12-09
119 Ramchandra Laya, Arsha, Purulia, 04-12-09
120 Sanatan Pratihar, Lalgarh, W. Midnapur, 06-12-2009
121 Subol Mahato, Belpahari, West Midnapur, 08-12-2009
122 Asit Mondal, Bandowan, Purulia, 09-12-2009
123 Brahspati Mahato, Jhargram, West Midnapur, 09-12-2009
124 Manik Mahato, Jhargram, West Midnapur, 09-12-2009
125 Bijoy Mahato, Jhargram, West Midnapur, 09-12-2009
126 Robi Mahato, Shalboni, West Midnapur, 09-12-2009
127 Panchanan Mahato, Shalboni, W. Midnapur, 11-12-09
128 Kartik Tudu, Shalboni, W. Midnapur, 11-12-09
129 Dinabandhu Soren, Lalgarh, W. Midnapur, 12-12-09

More than 90% of the victims murdered by the Maoists in Junglemahal areas are indigenous people. They have been slaughtered by branding them as agents of police and on other pretexts. But the fact of the matter is that more than 90% of them are from the poor and weaker sections of the society such as grocers, daily wage earners, hawkers, teachers, students, artists, players, farmers and so on. They have fallen prey to the bullets of the butchers for their being the CPI (M) supporters only.

Now, the question arises, how many Maoists have been killed during this period in West Bengal. Only few. The number is undoubtedly nominal. It is, therefore, not the Left Front Government but the Maoists have unleashed a reign of terror on the people particularly tribals.

The society demands timely disposal of the dead body of even a creature. But the entire world witnessed with horror how the dead bodies of 4 poor tribal CPI (M) cadres butchered by Maoist-TMC-Congress-SUCI Alliance were kept in open for 5 days without disposal by the Maoist-TMC criminals at Lalgarh in West Bengal. Their relatives were neither allowed to come near nor touch the bodies. The Maoists and TMC workers danced and sang around the bodies in the same manner as is practiced by cannibals. Their brutality and inhumanity surpassed all limits of human tolerance and society.

Thousands of CPI (M) cadres and their families have been evicted from their ancestral homes. TMC-Maoist-Congress goons, rapists and murderers have torched their houses. They have been rendered jobless in these hard days of existence. The families of the murdered persons and others have been thrown into the streets for starvation.

The Maoists and the pseudo intellectuals talk much against Congress Party which is running government at the centre and the state sponsored terror. But all of them had actually worked actively to ensure the victory of 26 candidates belonging to the rainbow alliance of TMC-Congress-SUCI in West Bengal in the last parliamentary elections. The UPA Government at the centre survives on their support. If candidates of the Left Front had won the elections, they would not have certainly supported the Congress Party to form the government. On the other hand, they would have raised their voice vehemently against the pro-imperialist polices of the government as done in the past. Moreover, the strength of the UPA Government in the parliament would have been reduced drastically. As a result, the UPA Government could not have been successful in taking boldly and easily anti-people policies as they do now.

The Maoists and the pseudo intellectuals have thus strengthened the Congress Party and the UPA Government by way of weakening the mainstream Leftists in the country. They still do so. But they speak to the contrary shamelessly. Instead of Congress and its allies, they have targeted the mainstream Leftists as their main enemies.

In fact, the Maoists and the ‘pseudo’ intellectuals have been dancing to the tunes of the finance capital, big business houses and imperialists to weaken the Leftist movement in the country to serve the vested interests for political and monetary gains. In order to conceal their game plan they take the pretexts of indigenous people, welfare and such other words.

If they are really interested in the welfare of the indigenous people, why don’t they withdraw their support to the Congress Government? Moreover, they would have appealed to the Maoists to desist from murdering innocent indigenous people on different ploys.

The real face and mask of the Maoists and the ‘pseudo’ intellectuals and their hypocrisy stand exposed before the nation and the whole world. Their only target is the CPI (M) but not imperialism, finance capital, big business house or Congress led government at the centre.

In conclusion, it can be said that the one and the only one aim of these diehard anti-Communists and anti-Leftists is to instal a Fascist minded most reactionary person as the Chief Minister of West Bengal by destabilizing the Left Front Government. It would not be out of place to mention that the countries in Eastern Europe and Latin America have already witnessed such exercises.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Gouranga Chatterjee

Saturday, November 21, 2009



‘…. he was tired of pursuing MPLAD projects that local Trinamool leaders want to ‘monopolize’

“They want him to just stay at home and sign the papers.”

“Local party interests were hampering his development programmes.”

“Whenever I try to raise an issue, the leaders try to divert it urge me to sing a song instead.”

“…. the party had turned him into a slave.”

“I am sick and tired of these people. Shovan Chattopadhyay (Kolkata Municipal Corporation borough chairperson and a Mamata Banerjee loyalist) told me I need not go to the villages. He asked me to stay at home and sign the papers. If that is so, why the hell am I an MP? Let the MPLAD renamed Party-LAD. They want to do whatever they feel like”.

The singer complained that when he refused to sign on the dotted line, the local leaders hurled buses at him at public meetings.

“I am very sorry to say that my party is full of petty and corrupt leaders at the local level who are not letting me work for the development of my constituency and there is no redressal in sight. I am so fed up with the fact that though I am an MP, I have very little freedom to work on my own. That is why I burst out at the press conference.”

“They (Trinamool leaders) want me to hand over the funds (MPLAD) to them so that they can spend the money on items that they think are important. Needless to say, I tried to find out what their plans are and I am convinced that their intentions are dishonest.”

“I tried to attract her (Mamata Banerjee) attention to corrupt party men in my constituency several times. Unfortunately, I was unable to convince her. Each time she would say, “you rather sing a song!”

“I am feeling helpless about the fact that as an MP I am not being able to address the problems of my area.”

“But none does anything to solve my problems. No one even tries to bring these corrupt party men to book.”

“There’s no denying that I am upset. This is not how I wanted to work as an MP.”

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BUDDHADEB BHATTACHARJEE AT THE TOP OF THE HIT LIST OF MAOISTS (By B. Prasant in People’s Democracy, 18th October, 2009)

Police investigations reveal that the CPI (Maoist) has plans afoot to assassinate Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee in Kolkata. There is another plan in the pipeline to mount an assault on the Writers’ Buildings with hundreds of trained armed cadres. The interrogation of a couple of top-level left sectarian leaders has led the police to these conclusions. Suicide attacks, too are not ruled out.

Speaking to People’s Democracy, Biman Basu, state secretary of Bengal CPI (M) said that the ‘Trinamulis and all their associates, cohorts, lackeys and underlings, here and abroad, including the self-styled ‘Maoists’ are planning all the while to assassinate our Party leaders and workers. ‘This,’ said Biman ‘is a condemnable and comprehensively counter-democratic exercise’.

Biman continued to say that ‘the present disclosure clearly depicts that these reactionary forces and their patrons in the ruling classes and the big media, have not any lesion, and are continuing to engaged in nefarious acts of commission. There is need to isolate and identify them as the enemy of the people.


The ‘Maoists’ confessed that this time the fresh ‘place of occurrence, has been chosen to be Kolkata city and its surrounds for the performance of the nefarious acts that these goons have carried out with impunity in Midnapore west in particular, in the past, especially the recent past.

The assassins organised and held a series of meetings very recently, probably last week, in a house (location unrevealed) in downtown Kolkata. At least one of the meetings saw the national level leaders of the criminals present including the shadowy figure of ‘Kishanji’. The ‘Maoists’ came to and went away from the rendezvous in luxury vehicles of a wealthy and well-known person who resides in the city and is known to have an enormous anti-CPI (M) frame of mind.

Incidentally, earlier reports from the police sources have already revealed that a couple of dozen-odd persons of the metropolis have kept close touch with the killers and have pro vided them not merely with news and views but leadership material as well.

Added to these’ Maoist-loving individuals are at least four political parties which act as the goons’ patrons and co-conspirators against the CPI (M) and the Left Front Government, especially chief minister Buddhadeb. Names and addressed of the individual patrons of the murderers are now made known to the police who prefer not to go public at the moment.


The entire plan to assassinate Buddhadeb fulminated over the past four months, we learn. The action was to be led by Sasadhar Mahato, the ever loving brother-at-arms of the Trinamuli goon Chatradhar Mahato, and by Sasadhar’s wife ‘Suchitra’ who is a hard core member of the armed squad leadership of the ‘Maoists’, having received arms training in neighbouring Jharkhand in the Giridih forests.

A question that is obvious for the asking is the modus operandi of so many criminals moving freely in the city, evading, even eluding, the extensive police network, particularly of the plainclothesmen belonging to the Special Branch (SB), and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), plus the central agencies like the Intelligence Bureau (IB).

The police response borders on naiveté but is plausible enough to be mentioned. It noted that the criminals moved around under the cover of the protective kind a large number of anti-Communist ‘intellectuals’ and performing artists whose photos, it needs mention, deep in consultation with Chatradhar Mahato in the forest clearings of Midnapore west, have already appeared in the media.


The police have of late taken into custody two individuals from Jadavpur who led and organised two pro-‘Maoist’ outfits. The for a are the ‘Lalgarh Solidarity Manch’ and the ‘Mass Resistance Manch’. At least one of the two criminals interrogated has named the top floor of a multi-storied building at Prafulla Sarkar Street near to the place where the vast offices of the Patrika group is located, as a ‘safe house’ for the killers and their adjutants.

Another place of rendezvous has been a building on Lenin Sarani near where the office of a ‘political outfit’ of sorts is located, and the outfit is known for its strong and violent antipathy towards the CPI (M) as well as for their oozing sympathy for the Trinamulis and the ‘Maoists’. Always in attendance at the meetings among others were the brothers Sasadhar and Chhatradhar. The latter is presently in jail custody after having spent a week or so in police custody.

Meanwhile, on October 10, the Trinamul supremo gave a long interview to her favourite channel Star Ananda, an Anand Bazar Patrika group affiliate. There she invited ‘Kishanji’ for a ‘bilateral talk’, and even went so far as to say that the killers ‘have executed a series of good work’, without bothering to expand on her cryptic comments.

The chieftain once again spoke of her opposition to the security forces operation at and around Lalgarh. The chief also pointed out that the killing of the Trinamuli goon Nishikanta Mondal in Midnapore east was ‘probably not the work of ‘Maoists’. We in this connection remember that the ‘Maoists’ have already expressed their eagerness to ‘see the Trinamuli leader as the Bengal chief minister’.

Monday, November 16, 2009


On 3rd October, 2008 just on the eve of Durga Puja in 2008 the Tatas were forced to leave unwillingly Singur even after completion of 95% of their Nano Car Factory spending about 1500 crores as a result of the conspiratorial violent agitation of Mamata Banerjee launched in connivance with Maoists, Congress, SUCI, BJP, communal fundamentalists, perverted & spineless intellectuals and foreign funded human rights activists with the financial assistance and guidance from the industrial competitors, finance capital and imperialists. The damage caused to the future of West Bengal is undoubtedly not only irreparable but also unprecedented.

In fact, the one and only aim of this dirty political exercise was to destabilize the Left Front Government throwing to the winds the interests of the state and install Mamata Banerjee as the next Chief Minister of West Bengal.

It is none else but she who forcibly did not also allow coming up of much-awaited Chemical Hub at Nandigram, expansion of National Highways, construction of Hospitals, I.T. Parks, Bridges, Aerodromes, Industries, Thermal Power Plants and other developmental works in West Bengal.

However, the Left Government did not give up hope and after much endeavour it was able to rope in BHEL to set up a 1600 MW Power Plant at the abandoned 997 acres of Nano factory at Singur. BHEL is one of the Nav Ratnas owned by Central Government, which has orders worth 30,000 crores in its hand now. There is a flicker of hope for Tata Motors’ abandoned Singur site. A team from central government-owned Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) visited the place along with state government officials for the project with the West Bengal Power Development Corporation. BHEL General Manager S.C. Mittal was accompanied by WBPDC managing director Debashis Sen. The team also met Tata Motors representatives at the site. The setting up of the Power Plant is under process between BHEL and the Left Front Government.

But Mamata Banerjee is adamant not to allow establishment of any industry at Singur or in West Bengal. So, she, being the personification of destruction, distortion of facts, arrogance, duplicity, dictatorship, violence, provocations, hypocrisy, whims and blatant lies, has again plunged into the arena with the old demand of return of 400 acres of land to the landowners unwilling to part with their land or hand over the entire land to her for the establishment of a Railway Coach Factory.

There is a new coach factory coming up at Rae Bareli. She has announced an EMU and MEMU factory in Halishahar in Bengal in her Budget. Her predecessor has announced another factory at Palghat in Kerala, where the state government will provide 1,000 acres of land free of cost to the Railways. The capacity of Integrated Coach Factory and the Railway Coach Factory is also being increased. So, how can another coach factory be viable?"

If it is a locomotive factory she wants, there are doubts about that, too. There are already two locomotive factories under construction in Bihar - Chhapra and Madhepura. What will she do with a new one in Bengal? The person who drove the Tata factory out of Singur now wants to build another factory.

There is no denying the fact that Mamata Banerjee herself knows well both the demands are unreasonable as well as impossible to meet on the following grounds.

(1) It is not 400 but around 181 acres only.

(2) The 181 acres of land is not a compact single piece of land. It is a fragmented one consisting of thousands pieces of broken plots and remains scattered all over the site. If these fragmented plots are to be returned, neither BHEL nor the Railways will be able to set up any industry with about 1500 private owners residing with their families in the midst of the coming up factory.

(3) Last, but not the least. Once acquired, no land can be returned until and unless the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 is amended suitably for the purpose. In case of non-utilization, the land has to be put into auction by the state government and the highest bidder will get the same in terms of present provisions of the relevant act.

The fact of the matter is that Mamata Banerjee is not at all interested in setting up any industry there. Her only disastrous objective is to dramatize the issue in order to destroy industrialization of West Bengal and thereby augment her own vested political interests with the help and guidance of the Maoists, Congress, BJP, SUCI, sold-out intellectuals and foreign funded human rights activists.

During the period of both Narshimha Rao and Atal Bihari Bajpai, she as the Railway Minister and the Coal Minister had inaugurated whimsically a number of projects without budgetary support or approval of the concerned ministries. None of them have yet been implemented and the lands acquired for these inaugurated projects have still been lying vacant. The drama does not stop here. She has been flagging off old trains in new names and also laying afresh foundation stones of old projects, which were inaugurated long back with foundation stone still lying therein.

She has been acquiring forcibly thousands of acres of most fertile lands in UP, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and other states for the implementation of the Eastern and Western Dedicated Freight Corridors and Industrial Corridor ignoring the vehement objection and stiff resistance of the land losers. Is it not double standard or duplicity?

She holds an important portfolio in the Central Government and also is one of the most powerful ministers. If she is really interested for the welfare of the farmers, instead of creating problems for others, she can exert her office to get the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 amended easily in favour of the unwilling landowners.

It is unfortunate we live in such a country where people are swayed away by wave, hypocrisy, duplicity and blatant false propaganda of the political leaders and ‘so-called’ political leaders and social workers without considering the fact, ground reality and merit of the case.


Mamata Banerjee as the Indian Railway Minister with the financial assistance of Japan has decided to accelerate the western and eastern Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFC) along its busy trunk routes to augment the transport capacity and meet the growing requirements of moving freight.

(1) The western Delhi-Mumbai DFC covering 1,483-km through Delhi, National Capital Region (NCR), Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra at a cost of Rs.26, 124 crores will stretch from the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust in Navi Mumbai to Dadri in Uttar Pradesh on the national capital's outskirts covering Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

High fertile farming land falling in villages of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra are covered under western corridor project.

Another project, the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor will also be developed simultaneously through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) along with the freight corridor.

The Railway Ministry expects to complete both the freight corridor and the industrial corridor by 2013.

(2) The eastern DFC will extend 1,806 km from Ludhiana in Punjab to Dankuni near Kolkata. It will be extended in future to serve the new deep-sea port in the Kolkata area and to largely serve coal and steel traffic. Here also fertile 3-crop/4-crop land will be acquired for the purpose.

The railways need to acquire 12,500 hectares over 51 districts in seven states for the proposed eastern and western freight corridor projects. The railways are demanding 42 per cent more 3-crop/4-crop fertile farming land for the project than what was previously envisaged. This is in sharp contrast to the earlier estimate of 8,833 hectares.

The railways have prepared land acquisition plans for 2,200 km. It has already issued a gazette notification for acquisition of 3-crop/4-crop high fertile farming land in villages of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra covering a stretch of 1,077 km.

By the end of January 2009, the railways will be able to acquire nearly 100 km near Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The remaining areas will be acquired over six months.
The Railway Ministry on September 29, 2008 had published a notification declaring its intention to acquire 3-crop/4-crop fertile farming lands in Gujarat for execution, maintenance, management and operation of special rail corridor project following which farmers losing their 3-crop/4-crop fertile farming lands in these villages had raised about 1301 objections.

A year later on September 15, 2009, the government published a Notification stating that it has acquired 700 hectares of 3-crop/4-crop fertile farming land in 31 villages in three talukas and Vadodara city of Gujarat for the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor Project.

Farmers and sharecroppers in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat have started agitation against the acquisition of highly fertile agriculture land for the proposed Freight Corridor.

They have suggested redesigning of the routes for sparing valuable 3-crop/4-crop fertile farming lands from acquisition and said the compensation package offered to these farmers in lieu of their 3-crop/4-crop fertile farming land was very less and not acceptable to them. The Railways have taken away their fertile farming land at throw away prices and rendered them jobless.

The farmers of Chandauli district in Uttar Pradesh under the banner of Krishi Bhoomi Bachao Sangharsh Samiti and Satya Foundation (SF) have started agitation against the acquisition of their fertile farming land for the proposed freight corridor of Indian Railways.

It was seen that during Singur and Nandigram episodes, all the opposition political parties including TMC, Congress, BJP, SUCI, Maoists and Naxalites had not only supported the violent agitation of Mamata Banerjee in the name of saving fertile agricultural land but also actively participated in the same. Besides, Mahasweta Devi and other ‘pseudo’ intellectuals and ‘so-called’ human rights activists had day and night campaigned vociferously against the Left Front Government and helped the agitators and goons in all possible ways to sabotage the industrial resurgence. Shri Lal Krishna Advani, Shri Amar Singh and other leaders of anti-Leftist national political parties had regularly been to Nandigram and Singur to add fuel to fire by expressing their solidarity with Mamata Banerjee and the agitators.

As a result, dreams of two major projects have been shattered. Opposition to government intervention in land acquisition helped Mamata Banerjee gain enormous political mileage, but it has left industry in West Bengal with Hobson’s choice

It is an irony that the same Mamata Banerjee has been now engaged in acquiring forcibly most fertile lands in seven states for Eastern and Western Dedicated Freight Corridors despite stiff and vehement opposition from the landowners and farmers. But the said political parties, national leaders, ‘pseudo’ intellectuals, Maoists, Naxalites and ‘so-called’ human rights activists are shamelessly silent on the matter. Nobody has yet met the affected farmers to give a patient hearing to them and address their grievances.

There cannot be separate rules for separates states in this country on acquisition of land. But yes, there is. Strange is the politics in this country.

The fact is that all forces ranging from ultra leftists to ultra rightists including those of communal, imperialist, finance capital and a section of media have ganged up with one and only aim to dislodge the Left Front Government anyway and at any cost. They donot abide by any logic, reason or fact. They with their obligation to imperialism went against all norms of civilized political behaviour and supported TMC which is nothing but a nuisance to Indian Politics dominated by one eccentric person devoid any ideology or policy

There is no denying the fact that hundreds of farmers have already committed suicide in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and other states. Thousands and thousands acres of fertile land has been acquired under duress in many states for industries and other developmental works depriving the farmers of their landed property. But none of the saviors of tribals, peasants and the underprivileged are seen in the picture to express their solidarity with the deprived. Is it not ambivalence?

The double standard, fraudulency and duplicity maintained by political frauds, perverted intellectuals and foreign funded human rights activists are nothing but mockery of democracy, integrity, transparency and honesty. These people stand exposed today. History will judge judiciously these swindlers working on the pay roll of imperialists, foreign finance capital and big business houses in the days to come and throw them into dustbin.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


The following is the circumstances in which Salwa Judum evolved in the state of Chhattisgarh.

In the beginning, the Bastar tribals welcomed the Maoists because they were harassed by corrupt revenue, police and forest officials and were exploited by the traders from plains areas who never gave them fair price for their products. The Maoists appeared as the benefactors, protecting and upholding their interests. However, in due course, as the Maoists entrenched themselves in the region, they started showing insensitivity to the feelings of tribals. They interfered with the social customs and cultural practices of the local tribals. Ghotuls were closed. Weekly bazaars were looted. Traditional celebrations at the time of marriage were discouraged. Images of Buddhadeb (Lord Shiva) were damaged and the tribals were asked to worship Mao only. Village priests were driven away. All this deeply hurt the tribals. There was a strong feeling of resentment. The Maoists did not allow the tribals to pluck tendu leaves also. This was a regular source of income for them and every family earned Rs.10, 000 to 15,000 from the trade. This was denied to them. The resultant economic hardship proved to be the proverbial last straw. Enough was enough, the tribals felt.

It was against this background that the tribals rebelled against the Maoists. Large groups of people held rallies where they expressed their vehement opposition to the aggressions of the Maoists. This was the beginning of Salwa Judum, reflecting the resentment of the tribals against the activities of Maoists interfering with their social customs, cultural practices and hurting their economic interests. Mahendra Karma, Congress (I) Leader, gave them the leadership. It was a spontaneous movement, though it is also a fact that at present the camps are being maintained and financed by the state government.


The Magsaysay Award has been introduced in the name of Ramon del Fierro Magsaysay. Who was Magsaysay and what was his political outlook? What for the said award has been introduced?

Ramon del Fierro Magsaysay (August 31, 1907 - March 17, 1957) was the third President of the Third Republic of the Philippines from December 30, 1953 until his death in a plane crash on 17th March, 1957. He was a diehrd anti-Communist. He was elected President under the banner of the Nacionalista Party.

On April 23, 1946, Magsaysay was elected as an Independent to the Philippine House of Representatives. In 1949 he was re-elected to a second term in the House of Representatives. During both terms he was Chairman of the House National Defense Committee.

In early August 1950 he offered President Quirino a plan to fight the Communist guerillas, using his own experiences in guerrilla warfare during World War II. After some hesitation, Quirino realized that there was no alternative and appointed Magsaysay Secretary of National Defence on August 31, 1950. He intensified his campaign against the Communist guerillas. He killed brutally thousands of Communists and Leftists as well as suppressed their just struggle. This success was due in part to the unconventional methods he employed and developed alongside an American adviser, General Edward Lansdale.

In June 1952 Magsaysay made a goodwill tour to the United States and Mexico.

He was convinced that the only way to continue his fight against Communism was to be elected President ousting the existing administration that, in his opinion, had caused the rise of the Communist guerrillas. He resigned his post as Defense Secretary on February 28, 1953, and became the Presidential Candidate of the Nacionalista Party, disputing the nomination with senator Camilo Osías at the Nacionalista national convention. In the Election of 1953, Magsaysay was decisively elected president over the incumbent Elpidio Quirino.

As president, he was a close friend and supporter of the United States and a vocal spokesman against Communism during the Cold War. He led the foundation of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization also known as the Manila Pact of 1954, that aimed to defeat Communist-Marxist movements in South East Asia, South Asia and the Southwestern Pacific.

On March 17, 1957 Magsaysay died in a plane crash while flying back to Manila from Cebu.
The Magsaysay Award has been introduced to keep his memory and anti-Communist measures alive and encourage the staunch anti-Communist intellectuals of Asia.

The award under the name and style “Magsaysay Award” has been introduced after his name to felicitate and acknowledge blind anti-Communist intellectuals only working in Asia in order to encourage and promote them in their activities.
Mahasweta Devi and Sambhu Mitra are two such intellectuals in India who received this award with pride.


At the deaths of Rizwanur Rehaman in Kolkata and 14 people at Nandigram, Mahasweta Devi and her team of perverted intellectuals had organized candle processions, rallies, seminars, meetings and conventions. All of them performed feats and tricks of jugglery (Madari Ka Khel) and sang & danced to the tune set by the imperialists, international finance capital and big business houses. They compared Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee with Hitler and Narendra Modi and gave a call for change (Parivartan) in West Bengal during last Parliamentary Elections held in May, 2009.

More than 300 innocent people including landless labourers, peasants, grocers, teachers, doctors, nurse, government officials, police personnel, artisans etc. have already been butchered by Maoist-TMC Alliance in the last few months. Thousands of people have been rendered homeless and jobless.

But the hypocritical intellectuals belonging to ‘Sushil Samaj’ ‘Nagarik Samaj’ ‘Biddwajan’ and ‘Swajan’ have been shamelessly maintaining criminal silence.

The people of the country have recognized them and their fraudulent character and politically biased activities.


The pro-imperialist and blind anti-Communist Governor of West Bengal is a man of man of many parts and personality with learning, passion, emotion and compassion. But bad people say that all these qualities are prejudiced and one eyed. He is not so innocent and impartial as he pretends to look. Besides, he is also in possession of an unusual ‘conscience’. It wakes up all on a sudden only when Mamata Banerjee and her rainbow alliance of Maoist, TMC, Congress, SUCI, few Perverted Intellectuals, politically motivated Media, some NGOs and so-called Human Rights Originations desire and demand in times of need to push their political agenda of overthrowing the Left Front Government in West Bengal. In fact, he is the “Friend, Philosopher and Guide” of this alliance and the Governor House has become a centre for hatching political conspiracy against the Left Front Government.

There is no denying the fact that the Governor is a constitutional head of a state. So, he has two options only. He may call the Chief Minister or any of his Ministers for discussion on any matter which he considers to be serious. The second option is that he may send his report to the Central Government. One eminent Indian Constitutional Expert has very rightly commented that the Governor cannot have any personal view. He has to work within the constitutional limitations. He has no scope for possessing any opinion different from that of the state government.

In Shamsher Singh Vs State of Punjab, the Supreme Court held that the President and the Governors are only constitutional heads and they exercise their power and functions with the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers and not personally. Wherever the constitution requires the ‘satisfaction’ of the President or the Governor, the ‘satisfaction’ is not the personal satisfaction of the President or the Governor but it is the satisfaction of the Council of Ministers.

But the frequent politically motivated statements issued by him for landing the Left Front Government in constitutional crisis has earned him the unequivocal praise of Mamata Banerjee and her rainbow alliance. To tell the truth, instead of discharging impartially and honestly his duties as a constitutional head, he himself has been in the arena trying to embarrass, heckle and humiliate the Left Front Government and tarnish its image in the estimation of the people throughout the country. He has been instrumental in sabotaging the industrial resurgence of the state. His modus operandi for creating constitutional crisis in the state with the help of the opposition has, therefore, considerably and definitely lowered and damaged the dignity, honour, prestige and status of this august office. It, therefore, not only goes against the spirit of the Constitution but also aimed at subverting it.

The tenure of the West Bengal Governor is going to expire very shortly. If he leaves West Bengal, the rainbow alliance will become orphan and guideless. It, therefore, invariably and certainly needs his prejudiced service and some more skillfully drafted public statements similar to those of 15-03-2007 and 09-11-2007 till the next assembly elections going to be held in 2011 so as to dislodge the Left Front Government with his advice, guidance and blessings. So, relentless efforts are already on by them to keep him in West Bengal till the next elections.

If the Central Government tries to keep the most controversial, prejudiced and politically motivated Governor of West Bengal for another term on the recommendations of Mamata Banerjee and her rainbow alliance, it will undoubtedly go against the very spirit of federal fabric of our country and create unnecessary political turmoil in the state.

West Bengal has tolerated him beyond limitations. Enough is enough. The sooner he leaves West Bengal; the better for the industrial resurgence and people of this state.


On 15th of this month, Partha Chatterjee, Opposition Leader of West Bengal Legislative Assembly and 4 others MLAs belonging to TMC enacted a high-pitched drama most illegally before the chamber of Shri Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, Chief Minister, at Writers’ Buildings demanding his arrest on illogical and unreasonable grounds. They staged a ‘Dharna’ from 1-28 p.m. to 4-25 p.m. inviting the entire media for coverage and widespread publicity. The whole exercise was aimed at only one purpose of diverting the attention of the people from the exposed conspiracy hatched between Mamata Banerjee and Maoists at the residence of Subhaprasanna, who is now called the modern Rasputin of West Bengal, at night of 14th instant. The matter did not end here.

Their supremo Mamata Banerjee also incited her unruly and undisciplined supporters through “Star Anand” her own electronic media to take recourse to all sorts of destructive and obstructive methods.

The whole population of Kolkata and daily commuters were subjected to inhuman torture and sufferings in the name of blockade of roads and trains.
The normal life of the common people was brought to a standstill.

By winning some Parliamentary seats, these arrogant and bigheaded leaders think that they have obtained the license to do anything they desire or deem fit and proper. The public is at the mercy of their whims and caprices.

It is not known how long the common people will go on tolerating this kind of hooliganism and atrocities on the part of handful rowdies without any protest.


It is an open secret that Mamata Banerjee has always been habituated in using offensive language against Jyoti Basu, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and other leaders of the Left Front and the CPI (M).

Her disciples and party leaders are also no less than her in this respect. A few glaring examples of the same are enough to substantiate the same.

Just on the eve of Parliamentary Elections, 2009 Shri Kalyan Banerjee, the then TMC Candidate, while addressing an election meeting at Serampore, Hooghly used most abusive and filthy language against Shri Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal. The Election Commission of India was forced to reprimand him for the same.

Similarly, Tapas Paul, M.P., used dirty language against Congress Party while addressing a rally at Krishnanagar, Nadia. He termed Congress as “a dog licking the feet of CPI (M)”.

At about 1-30 a.m. on 14-10-2009 Soma Das and two other reporters of the Bengali TV News Channel “24 Ghanta” were brutally heckled and manhandled physically by the Central Ministers Mamata Banerjee and Mukul Roy, Purnendu Bose and Dola Sen, the last two being Naxalite leaders in front of the residence of modern Rasputin Subhaprasanna. During this on going, Mukul Roy called Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee by names of his father.

Again, Shri Sisir Adhikari, Minister of State, Government of India, took recourse to abusive and offensive language while addressing mass meeting on 21-10-2009.

There is no denying the fact that this use of language is prevalent in the underworld only. It is certainly not in keeping with the vocabulary and cultural heritage of Bengal.

As a matter of fact, Mamata Banerjee and her colleagues have introduced the language of the underworld in the politics of West Bengal without considering its dire consequences on the society and the future generation.

There success in the recently held Parliamentary Elections has emboldened them further.

It is increasingly being felt that ff they are not desisted immediately, the society has to pay high prices for the same in the future.


In recent times, the brutalities and atrocities of the Maoists in different states have surpassed all limitations of tolerance. Thousands of innocent people, government officials and policed personnel have not only been butchered by them but they have also blown up schools, railway stations, railway tracks, mobile towers, police stations, government offices, post offices and so on.

Both Dr. Manmohan Singh and P. Chidambaram have been repeatedly saying unequivocally that the Maoists are the single largest threat to the internal security of the nation. But Mamata Banerjee has been keeping close touch with the Maoists to get some petty and narrow political mileage. Her party along with Maoists is engaged in one after another murder and destructive activities in West Bengal. Being an important Minister on the cabinet of Dr. Manmohan Singh, she is not only openly criticizing the joint operation carried out by the Central Government and the State Government against the Maoists in Lalgarh but also demanding immediate stoppage of the same.

This action on her part has been casting serious aspersion on the goodwill and reputation of Dr. Manmohan Singh and his ministry. Moreover, the common people are utterly confused and worried over moving of Dr. Singh and Mamata Banerjee in two irreconcilably different ways.

It is not understood why does he still tolerate her? Even if she and her 18 members withdraw from his ministry, it will not be affected in any manner, whatsoever, because he enjoys the support of more than 300 members in the Parliament.

He should, therefore, sack her immediately from his cabinet in national interest rising above party politics and use “Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 2009” against her immediately for patronizing antinational terrorist outfits.

She is certainly not above the law of the land.


The Indian Railways was a symbol of pride, punctuality and comfort till recently. Since the day Mamata Banerjee has taken the charge of the Railway Ministry, it has in fact landed in a state of utter mess and anarchy. Instead of serving the whole nation as a Central Minister, she is more interested in remaining in West Bengal most of the time inciting her supporters to create law and order problems with an eye to the next assembly elections to be held in 2011.Besides, she is engaged in the drama of inaugurating one after another old trains in new names spending extravagantly from public exchequer. Moreover, she has been imposing her whimsical and fanciful decisions on the railways for petty political gains. Following are the adverse affects created as a result of her drama, inefficiency, total apathy and whimsical decisions.

· Frequent Railway accidents have become a common phenomenon.

· Dacoities and loot of railway passengers throughout the country has increased manifold.

· The safety and security of the railway passengers are at stake.

· Developmental works in the Indian Railways have practically come to a standstill.

· The Indian Railways have been incurring heavy losses due to accommodation of some ‘so-called’ intellectuals of her liking on different newly created committees at huge costs.

· The blowing up of railway stations, railway tracks and other valuable properties of the Indian Railways by her trusted ally the Maoists has increased manifold.

· Most of the train donot maintain time.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Some ‘so-called’ intellectuals as well as ‘pseudo’ human rights activists representing the Maoists have been urging the Governments both at the centre and the states to lay down arms and shun ‘so-called’ state terror as a pre-condition for a dialogue with the Maoists. They are of course intentionally playing into the hands of the antinational terrorist outfit with some ulterior motive despite knowing fully their ultimate aim, objective and modus operandi.

These perverts never condemn one after another brutality perpetrated by the Maoists in different states for the last few years. Abduction, extortion of money at gun point, butchering, open trial & sentencing to death in public and other gruesome activities on the part of the Maoists seem to them a birthright of the perpetrators. On the other hand, whenever the Government arrests any of them or takes any action in the defence of the common people from he Maoist marauders they plunge into the arena making a hue and cry in the name of ‘so-called’ human rights and natural justice for them under the constitution, which the Maoists discard.

The Maoists believe in the “annihilation of class enemies” and in “extreme violence” as a means to armed seizure of state power through guerrilla warfare. With this perspective, participation in elections and engagement with the prevailing ‘democracy’ are rejected. Their actions and ideas are incompatible to a democratic set up.

As part of its strategy, the cadres of both the CPI and the CPI (M) are declared as class enemies; whereas Mamata Banerjee, her party TMC and SUCI are considered class friends.

It supports all the ‘so-called’ nationalities’ struggles going in different parts of the country including ‘Gorkhaland’ and ‘Kamtapuri’ agitations for separate homelands, armed struggle in ‘Kashmir’ by Pakistani supported militants for independence and all secessionist movements of northeast.

Its armed force have 7000 armed cadres, 6000 fire arms including a large number of rifles of AK variety, light machine guns, self-loading rifles, carbines, 303s, grenades, revolvers, pistols and landmine technologies. It has also a technical squad which manufactures 12 bore guns and its ammunitions, repairs all kinds of weapons and assembles grenades.

This Maoist terrorist outfit is actually a perversion of Marxism-Leninism. It is an organization of assassins, hired killers, extortionists, blackmailers and mercenaries. It reportedly owns a fund amounting to more than 1,500 crores. The operation of the Maoists not only remain concentrated to kidnapping and looting of passengers traveling in trains and buses but also felling and selling of costly trees in collusion with wood smugglers in Jharkhand, Lalgarh, Jangalmahal and other areas. They also blow up bridges and other structures made of low quality materials to destroy proofs and evidences in order to help the contractors in exchange of money. In the name of fighting SEZ they are actually creating their own SEZ (Special Exploitation Zone) wherein these activities can be carried out uninterruptedly in the name of ‘so-called’ revolution and ‘Maoism’.

It must be underlined that contrary to the claims made by a section of pro-Maoist intellectuals that they are revolutionaries; these self-styled Maoists have nothing in common with the work and practice of the great revolutionary Mao-Ze Dong. During the lifetime and after the demise of Comrade Mao, the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) never used the term ‘Maoism,’ to denote a new theory. Rather, in the literature of the CPC and in the documents of their Party Congress's, the CPC has said that it follows Marxism-Leninism and Mao-ze Dong Thought.

It is evident through the interpretation of the CPC how Mao applied Marxism-Leninism to the specific conditions obtaining in China basing on its special characteristics. This is known as Mao-ze Dong thought. Those who are using the term ‘Maoism,’ are completely disregarding and dishonoring the vast revolutionary activities of Mao. These self-styled Maoists have degenerated into armed groups and have no qualms in killing poor people who dare oppose their extortionist terror.

This terrorist outfit is active in 156 districts of 17 states that include Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Uttaranchal and Kerala. It is responsible for 90% of the violence in the country. 721 people were killed in 1,591 Maoist attacks in 2008 and till August this year, 1,405 attacks claimed 580 lives spread over 11 states.

Maoist influence runs through a stretch of territory referred to as the "Red Corridor". This extends from the in Andhra Pradesh through and up to Bihar. Their objective of 'liberating' their proposed “Compact Revolutionary Zone” (CRZ) in other words “Red Corridor” extends from Nepal through Bihar Jharkhand in the North to Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Dandakaranya region (forest areas of Central India) and Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh in the South. Areas in western Orissa and eastern Uttar Pradesh are also under Maoist influence. And they have some presence in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka as well. In most areas of the “Red Corridor” they operate as a hit-and-run force.

The intention is to have a continuous stretch of territory under their influence and control, with the ultimate goal of eventually "liberating" the entire zone. Large parts of this territory have already been brought under the extremist influence with only some link-ups now necessary in the remaining pockets to make the CRZ a reality. Once achieved, the CRZ will virtually drive a wedge through the vital areas of the country, and would help crystallize linkages with other Maoist groups operating in South Asia.

Districts that fall in the “Red Corridor” are rich in minerals like iron ore and bauxite. But the people living there, who are largely Adivasi or tribal are desperately poor. Exploited by forest officials, contractors, mining companies and middlemen and neglected by the state, villagers in the Red Corridor are among the worst off in the country. And it is to liberate them from their oppressors and the Indian state that the Maoists claim to be waging their armed struggle.

It is true the Maoists have improved life for the Adivasis by forcing local officials to dig wells or pay better wages to the villagers. But over time, the liberators have turned oppressors themselves. Villagers who don't obey the Maoists have been killed and Maoist violence stands in the way of development projects. The Maoists have worsened the daily lives of some of India's most exploited people.

As a matter of fact, the Maoists want to create a new independent domain within the country where the Indian Constitution shall not be applicable. This one and only one aim and objective will be achieved with the help of other anti-national outfits, ‘so-called’ intellectuals, ‘pseudo’ human rights activists, a section of media glorifying them and forces across the border.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Mahasweta Devi is proud for receiving “Magsaysay Award” which was introduced in the name of President Ramon del Fierro Magsaysay who was responsible for the butchering of thousands of Communists and innocent people in Phillippines. If she were a genuine Leftist or if she had possessed minimum conscience or morality or ethics or democratic point of view, she would not have cerrtainly accepted the award introduced in the name of a butcher.

Below is a poem addressed to the ‘pseudo’ apolitical intellectual Mahasweta Devi and her team of hypocrites and perverts who have sold out their heart, soul and conscience to serve big business & media houses and imperialism for passing life in air-conditioned rooms and travelling in flights, air-condtioned trains & cars.


Guatemalan guerrilla fighter and poet Otto René Castillo
(translated by Margaret Randall)

One day the apolitical
of my country
will be interrogated
by the simplest
of our people.

They will be asked
what they did
when their nation died out

like a sweet fire
small and alone.
No one will ask them
about their dress,
their long siestas
after lunch,

no one will want to know
about their sterile combats
with "the idea
of the nothing"
no one will care about
their higher financial learning.

They won't be questioned
on Greek mythology,
or regarding their self-disgust
when someone within them
begins to die
the coward's death.

They'll be asked nothing
about their absurd
born in the shadow
of the total lie.

On that day
the simple men will come.

Those who had no place
in the books and poems
of the apolitical intellectuals,
but daily delivered
their bread and milk,

their tortillas and eggs,
those who drove their cars,
who cared for their dogs and gardens
and worked for them,
and they'll ask:

"What did you do when the poor
suffered, when tenderness
and life
burned out of them?"

Apolitical intellectuals
of my sweet country,
you will not be able to answer.

A vulture of silence
will eat your gut.

Your own misery
will pick at your soul.
And you will be mute in your shame.